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Comprehensive SEO promotion of your website with free-of-charge technical support. Marketing approach in the optimization of websites for visitors and Yandex / Google search engines.

Seo-agency «Exactly»

Take a look at cases of SEO promotion and see for yourself that it is profitable to work with us


SEO promotion of a hair removal salon network

in the integral ranking among the competitors in this niche
requests from search engines
Hair removal salon "CITY DEPIL" was used for SEO promotion and attracting new customers from the site.
1. Collection of semantic kernel
2. Analysis of competitors
3. Preparation of landing pages
4. Website redesign
5. Internal website optimization
6. Link profile
7. Work with maps

SEO promotion of a company selling plastic windows

growth in the website conversion number
>3-х минут
the average length of guest visit
The company "Okna Stroy" turned to us for SEO promotion and attracting new customers from the site
- We carried out a detailed analysis of the website’s content and drew an optimization plan
- We collected the semantic kernel and selected a promotion strategy
- We organized the collection of tracking statistics of user target actions through Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica web analytics counters
- We filled the website with materials by specifying metatags and headers
for new pages
на 45%
increase in search traffic

SEO promotion of an information portal for logistics

active website visitors per day
на 50%
decrease in the cost of expenditures for client drawing
“TruckingRu” information portal came to us for SEO promotion and drawing new clients from its website
- We carried out the analysis of the competitor link mass to determine the necessary volumes of links
- We planned a strategy of link purchase with regards to the volumes of anchor links with keywords in the text and non-anchor links
- We selected thematic websites to get links
- We took measures to provide the naturalness of the purchased link mass
growth in the website conversion number

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What you will get

The goal of SEO is drawing people to your website. To do this, we bring the website to the TOP of Yandex and Google search engines for most of key requests.
Our work results in fulfilling the plan for the amount of drawn traffic, requests, and leads.
Specific Indicators
With precise optimization, lead cost eventually decreases because the website’s positions goes up.
Low lead cost
We bring potential buyers to the website while excluding untargeted traffic and filtering brand requests.
Target traffic only
Due to relevant requests, high-quality content, and good behavior factors.
Your website is in the TOP of the search list

What We Do and How We Work




Usually, the first stage is the collection of a semantic kernel. It is formed based on search requests of a website’s target audience, which is why it eventually gives a complete idea of the potential clients’ needs. In some cases, this stage can be skipped over. For example, when the website owner had already ordered the semantic kernel and can provide it for further work. Or when the website does not require a large amount of traffic from the search.

Website Structure

Website structure is correct and logical distribution of important landing pages necessary both for users and search engines. Based on the analysis of search demand, competitors, and your range of services, we will provide detailed recommendations for extending the existent structure of the website’s landing pages to which search traffic should flow.


Landing Page Optimization

As part of this task, we will compile high-quality metadata (Title, Description and Н1 headers) for the website’s conversion pages. Special attention will be paid to metadata building logic to improve the clickability of snippets (CTR).

Textual content on website pages is one of the main tools in the process of promotion. Its presence is important both for users and search engines. It is necessary that a text contains only useful information while answering all questions which could arise with the target audience. In substance, the text is a manager that discloses expertise on the page, works with objections, and makes an emphasis on your unique selling proposition.


Website Design / Redesign

With the prepared structure and texts, we develop the website design. In the statement of work, we take into consideration not only the basic design requirements but also various minor details on the absence of which we had singed our feathers earlier. For example: rendering various pop-up windows, the design of forms after their sending, graphic items for browsers and Open Graph protocol, etc.


Our task will be to analyze the existing texts on the site and optimize them for user search queries that may have been missed. If necessary, we will draw up a TOR for writing new texts, according to the collected semantics and competitor analysis.

What will it result in?

This will help users understand what the site and the business as a whole is all about. What are the benefits and unique offers. Also, the text will contain keys (queries) according to the collected semantics, helping the search engine to determine the relevance of the site and correctly rank it in the search results.
SEO specialist


1. Analysis of the structure of direct competitors and in related niches for:
- page groupings
- page separation
- create missing pages
- removing pages from the structure
2. Preparing the Mind Map Structure
3. Preparing a detailed explanation of the structure from Xmind
in Google Docs.
4. Recommendations for creating page URLs.

What will it result in?

The structure will necessarily include all the necessary landing pages that are important both from the point of view of users and from the point of view of search engines. This will allow you to receive more targeted traffic and, as a result, an increase in useful actions and conversions through the site.
SEO specialist
Marketing specialist


1. Selection of marker requests;
2. Collection of keywords from Wordsta and Yandex hints;
3. Collection of keywords from Ads Google and Google hints;
4. Collection of Youtube search hints;
5. Collection of keyword frequency;
6. Cleaning and clustering of requests.

What will it result in?

It is not always obvious how exactly people can search for your service or product. Or what characteristics are of their interest. For example, during the promotion of a driving school website promotion using a semantic kernel, requests from two segments of the target audience were identified with virtually no competition in the search: “driving courses for girls” and “driving courses for pensioners”. Then, landing pages had been made for them, and traffic started flowing almost immediately traffic.
SEO specialist


- page prototype
- drawing page design
- layout
- integration with CMS

What will it result in?

This is a process of updating its appearance which is often accompanied by updating the content, the project’s architecture, and including new elements aimed at increasing its efficiency.

After the redesign, the following serves as the main indicators for measuring efficiency:
- viewing depth
- average time on the website
- number of failures
- increase in number of requests
SEO specialist



Technical Website Optimization

By technical optimization, we mean important basic recommendations that are invisible to a user but can however affect the search promotion of a website very significantly. This also includes, for instance, setting up a safe connection via the HTTPS protocol. It is important to prepare the website technically as much as possible before the promotion. It should both be convenient for visitors and meet the requirements of search engines.

External Factors and Content Marketing

Our task will be to examine an existent link profile of a website, review the link profiles of competitors in detail and continue the work on further buildup of link mass. We will use the strategy of getting links “to afterdriving to the TOP”. In this step of website promotion, we conduct a selection of thematic and reputable sources. The more sources refers to the website, the more confidence it inspires in search engines. Furthermore, high-quality links provide additional traffic.


Commercial Factors

Commercial factors are website elements, combination of characteristics that affect the ease of use, shopping, and service ordering. Commercial factors are taken into account by search engines and influence website positions in search results.


Website analysis and working out website elements affecting purchase and convenience:
- order forms, “Buy” and “Basket” buttons, dial-back order function;
- correctness of information on availability of product, its characteristics;
- completeness of data represented in “About company” section;
- correctness and completeness of contact information.

What will it result in?

An increase in website conversion into order/purchase. Growth of positions for relevant keywords in Yandex and Google.
SEO specialist


- Searching for relevant sites
- Writing articles with links to the source and their allocation on external websites;
- Free-of-charge allocation of links on thematic forums, in reference books, catalogues, Q&A services (questions-answers).

What will it result in?

Growth of positions for keywords and, as a consequence, an increase in traffic from search engines. New users from websites where the link/useful material had been placed.
SEO specialist


- Optimization of URL addresses of the website’s pages.
- Search for and removal of the website’s “mirrors”.
- Correction of robots.txt.
- Determination and removal of the pages’ doubles.
- Setting up redirect pages and status codes
- Checking for broken links
- Website loading rate
- Optimization for mobile devices

What will it result in?

Technical optimization is the basis without which you can hardly expect any efficiency from SEO. That is why for website promotion, it is important to address all technical issues first and only then to deal with other SEO works.
SEO specialist
Marketing specialist

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9 business spheres in which we specialize

But this does not mean that we do not take on nonstandard projects! We have promoted our hometown as the organizer of the World Football Championship, frame houses, and even cat litters.
Shopping centers
Children's products
Beauty salons
Online stores
Fitness centers
Information marketing businesses
The cost of services for SEO promotion depends on several factors
Web resource type
Promotion region
SEO promotion method and promotion tool
Level of website competitiveness in its niche

Leading in SEO issuance as an "smm-agency"

In many projects, in the long term, SEO promotion turns out to be several times cheaper than other paid advertising channels. We use effective strategies based on proven methods not only of our clients but also in our own projects. Check the position of our website by the “SMM agency” request
2nd place among smm agencies in search results
5th place among smm agencies in search results

Prices and rates for SEO promotion

How much does SEO promotion cost in search networks? We have prepared several rate packages for you with different price to bring your website to the TOP.

Price: 35к rubles
For whom
The tariff will suit smaller companies providing services, a small product catalogue
- Low/medium competition in the niche
- Semantic kernel up to 500 requests
- Focusing on group of high-priority requests
- Transparent reporting
Price: 50-90k rubles
For whom
SEO promotion for an online store, a mid-range product catalogue
- Competitive niche
- Semantic kernel up to 2500 requests
- Promotion of all categories of goods/services
- Participation of technical specialist/programmer

50,000 -

Price: 90-150к rubles
For whom
SEO promotion for startups, aggregators, major projects. We take on everything on turnkey basis.

- Work with projects of any level
- High competition
- Comprehensive semantic kernel
- Focus on drawing maximum amount of target traffic
- Participation of technical specialist / developer / marketer / designer / copywriter from your field / corrector

90 000 -
150 000

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