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Cases of online business promotion

Projects of our clients. Articles and examples of client drawing and lead generation via social media (VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, MyTarget). Account promotion via Instagram.

Case for promotion of the StarT motorcycle dealership, the official dealer of STELS in Yandex.Direct

We tell about the specifics of client drawing to a motorcycle dealership in the region. It is an example of the fact that one cannot simply launch the advertising and forget about it, it requires comprehensive support during its entire lifespan. We share the experience and nuances we have encountered.
We sell septics (sewage treatment facilities) on VKontakte
The case of how we had drawn 60 leads at the price of 583 rubles each for installation of autonomous sewerages in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region within a month
Promotion of a furniture company on VKontakte
The case will tell how to lower the lead cost by 5 times and draw even more requests for custom-built carcass furniture using target in VK.
The case for promotion of the SKADI CRYO cryo-salon on Yandex.Direct
How to draw clients to a new and, in addition, very cold cosmetic procedure? You take a strong semantic kernel and other tools. Which ones? Read in the case.
Promotion of a company covering and repairing balconies and loggias on VKontakte
Transferring the project to alternative social media along with lowering the request cost by two times.
Comprehensive promotion of a stomatology clinic on social media
The case for comprehensive promotion of a stomatology with drawing clients to services of the clinic by means of social media and context
The case for promotion of the Megapolis real estate agency on Yandex.Direct and Google Ads
How to achieve a low price for a click and conversion? Divide advertising campaigns by regions and select extremely exact keywords. Read about all the twists and turns of this work in the case.
Promotion of professional products for a hair store
A target and content can increase brand recognizability, build up a subscription base, and gather the interested public to thematic events
The case for cosmetology promotion in Moscow
How we had drawn 239 warm requests for 285 rubles each via Instagram using a target.
The case about the promotion of the Litech laboratory for test collection on Yandex.Direct
How to draw new clients from landing using contextual advertising and get leads for the price of 357.59 rubles
The case for the promotion of septics (sewage treatment facilities) on Instagram
Drawing warm requests for the installation of septics in country houses using targeted advertising on Instagram.
The case of promotion of the Estetic beaty and health center
Advertising the most modern services of a beauty salon, cosmetology, stomatology, and child development center.
The case of promoting the consulting company BNP Razvitie via VK, Instagram and Facebook
Legal and financial consulting for small and medium-size business. How to sell such services on social media?
Promotion of metal scrap reception and removal company in Yandex.Direct and Google Ads
How to draw new clients from a recently created website and get conversions at a desired price.
The case for promotion of a cosmetology clinic and cryolipolysis services on Yandex.Direct
Promoting a cosmetology procedure using landing contextual advertising, which resulted in a continuous flow of website visitors and clinic clients.
The case for contextual advertising of a company buying up automobile catalysts
How to increase the number of conversions for a website with zero attendance and lower the click price using contextual advertising on Yandex,Direct and Ads Google
The case for promotion of a personal brand on Instagram
How to get free-of-charge 4 651 subscribers to a personal blog of a website designer and sell Tilda templates for 100 940 rubles
The case of promotion of a furniture factory on VKontakte and Instagram
Drawing clients and company promotion on the market using target mechanics and features
Drawing employees to a machine-building plant
The case for searching for new employees for an enterprise via social media VKontakte, Instagram
The case for drawing employees to a company providing digital services and services via social media
Searching for and drawing new employees to work for a major company via VKontakte and Instagram using target advertising
The case of promotion of an enterprise selling industrial and agricultural chemical goods (Yandex.Direct and Ads Google)
How to increase wholesale from a website in other regions using contextual advertising other on Yandex.Direct and Ads Google
The case of promotion of a SPA center using contextual advertising
Drawing new clients and increasing the number of target actions from a website using contextual advertising on Yandex.Direct and Ads Google
The case of drawing distributors to a company manufacturing collagen via social media
Drawing dealers, representatives of a manufacturing company, b2b partners in cities using targeted advertising
The case of promotion of a 1С online course through a free-of-charge webinar on Instagram
How we drew requests at the cost of 12 rubles to a free 1С webinar of the “Софт+” (Soft+) company via social media (Instagram, Facebook). Drawing requests to a webinar using targeted advertising.
The case of promotion of an online school of additional children’s education on Instagram
How the «Exactly» marketing agency brought 423 leads at the price of 148 rubles to children’s additional online courses. Drawing requests by using targeted advertising.
The case of promotion of a studio on Instagram and Facebook using targeted advertising
How to bring 212 leads at 459 rubles each to a studio using quiz landing and advertising for conversions. Drawing clients to a studio via social media. Promoting the studio’s account.
The case of promotion and rollout of a barbershop on Instagram
Drawing clients to a barbershop using targeted advertising. Promoting the barbershop’s account on social media.
The case of promotion and rollout of a stomatology on Instagram
Drawing target leads to a stomatology using targeted advertising on Instagram. Advertising a stomatology on social media
The case of promotion of a hardware store using contextual advertising
We guarantee drawing new clients to a hardware store or setting up advertising that really works.
The case of promotion of a beauty salon using contextual advertising
Increasing the number of requests from a website using contextual advertising on Yandex.Direct for a local business or Ads Google
The promotion of the Float Sfera floating studio, drawing clients via Instagram
The methods of promoting a floating studio on the Internet, drawing new clients via social media, company promotion
The promotion of a resource center, a noncommercial organization (NCO), and volunteer associations and organizations
A strategy of starting the promotion of a volunteer center from scratch via VKontakte and Instagram. Creation of a volunteer community
Case No 15: The promotion of the LIL BALLERINE children's ballet school on social media
The case of promoting the LIL BALLERINE children's ballet school on social media, methods of new client drawing to children’s schools
Case No 14: Selling real estate in the Tula Region via Instagram
Drawing purchasers to buying a private house via social media.
Promoting an LPG salon on social media in Moscow
Promoting a beauty salon with LPG massage via social media. Features, figures, statistics, everything interesting.
Promoting the SAHAR&VOSK accessible epilation and depilation studio on Instagram
Promoting a depilation studio on social media (VKontakte and Instagram). Drawing clients to an epilation and depilation studio. The promotion of accounts.
The case of promotion of the Amsterdam cafe on social media (Instagram)
The case of promotion of the Amsterdam cafe on social media (Instagram) The strategy of promoting a cafe online with examples.
The promotion of the personal brand of cosmetologist Paramonov on Instagram
Forming a personal brand for a cosmetologist on social media (Instagram, VKontakte).
Case No 12: Promoting the 123NALOG.RU bookkeeping company on social media
How we had drawn 350 requests at the cost of 200 rubles each. The case of drawing clients to a legal company via social media. Channels of promoting a bookkeeping services on the Internet
Case No 11: Promoting the X-Fit fitness club in Saransk
We share information about how we sold 62 subscriptions 53 annual subscriptions with a 40% discount and 9 subscriptions with a 30% discount via social media using VKontakte and Instagram.
Case No 10: Promoting the GKhair Professional cosmetic brand on social media
Methods of promoting a cosmetic brand via the Internet. Promoting an account on social media and drawing new clients. Lead generation via Instagram.
Case No 9: Building communications for an insurance company
We tell how we have got 770 requests for a new version insurance certificate at the cost of 94 rubles each for “Росгосстрах Медицина” (Rosgosstrah Medicina). We faced both direct business indicators of promotion in drawing new clients and indirect ones in the form of an increase in subscriber engagement.
Case No 8: Promotion of the SMMoozy school of SMM specialists on social media
The story about how we launched our SMM manager school in a city. How we drew the first students, what channels of lead generation we used and how many people had come to the course.
Case No 7: The case of promoting the Samovar restaurant on the Internet.
Methods of promoting a restaurant online, an example of drawing clients to night club. Variants of poster advertisement design for social media.
Case No 6: Promotion of laser hair removal and cosmetology "Sapphire" on Instagram
We tell how we attract applications to a laser hair removal and cosmetology studio worth 370 rubles through Instagram.
Case No 5: Promotion of barbeshop "Milan Man" in social networks
Case of barbershop promotion in social networks Vkontakte, Instagram. Channels for attracting customers through the Internet.
Case No 4: How to promote a shopping center: revealing secrets on the example of the City Park shopping center
We tell you how to increase the involvement and attendance in the shopping center with the help of social networks using contests and sweepstakes, targeted advertising and regular posting.
Case No 3: Promotion of the Ogarev Plaza shopping complex in social networks (Vkontakte, Instagram)
The method of promoting the shopping complex in the social. networks. Chips and life hacks, examples of events and themed days. We talk about special projects carried out in the mall and about their effectiveness.
Case No 2: Promoting the Dr.Shipkov dental clinic on social media using SMM

We share the example of how to get requests to a stomatology at the cost of 620 rubles each using lead generation on Instagram. What is the best way to promote a doctor’s personal brand and to draw up a content plan.
Case No 1: Promoting the Orhidea beauty salon on social media
Working with only one drawing channel is already not viable: advertising is everywhere and is already perceived as “white noise”. This is why gaining an audience now requires using the maximum possible number of channels, working out all points of contact with the target audience.
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