Video production of any scale for large and important tasks

We develop and create advertising, content for SMM, image films, corporate video clips, conduct and record interviews, and much more.

Video advertising agency «Exactly»

Take a look as cases of video production and see for yourself that it is profitable to work with us

An advertising video is a short video intended for presenting a certain product or service in the best way and increasing sales.

It attracts attention to a product by telling about the main advantage and calls to a purchase or, for example, to a promotional event.

The recording is executed with the best equipment, all the scenes strictly follow the shooting sheet. Recording in a studio allows for implementing any ideas. We have a large base of actors. It is suitable for advertising services and goods.

Shooting a promotional video

An image film for a company helps to improve the image and enhance trust in your company using a video.

The main objective of such videos is not advertising but forming the client’s company image, creating the atmosphere and image with which consumers should associate
the client’s brand.

We have a full service package to create what you need. We will write a script, deliver stage-property, cool equipment and carry out the recording in your office or in a studio within 2-3 days.

Corporate/image video

Editing your video material. Infographics, correction of your video clips.

Video editing

Editing/reediting graphics, animated graphics, titration, subtitles.

Graphics/Infographics for videos

We conduct live feeds and online conferences at any sites for your objectives.

The recording is executed with the best equipment thus allowing our team to broadcast from four cameras simultaneously. High aperture optics provide a good picture in the places where there is no technical ability to install studio lights.

Organizing online broadcasting

Interview recording is always an opportunity not only to show a person at their best but also to show them from a side unexpected even for themselves. An interview can be conducted both in a studio and at any other place.

Conducting and recording interviews

Please, discuss video production strategy with our specialist

We will give free-of-charge professional advice where we will render recommendations on preparations for recording
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Video production with us is convenient and profitable

The contract specifies the work schedule and its peculiarities. You can be sure that you will get high-quality result in due time
Contract work
A vast number of implemented projects of different levels allows us to perform our work with high quality, in due time, and on the first take!
100+ cases
We have been engaged in video recording and video production for 7 years. During this time, we have sharpened our skills to a high level
7 years of working in the field

Stages of work


Together with the customer, we determine the main idea of the video and in the course of negotiations select the concept, after which the video clip budget can be calculated.


After selecting the concept and approving the budget, our team proceeds to writing and negotiating the script

Shooting sheet

Preparing the script for recording is an important stage. We make a shooting sheet, think out the places of recording, the set-dressing, the casting...


After the material has been recorded, we proceed to video editing, draft sound-on-film if it is necessary. After the approval of the draft version and addition of necessary edits, we conduct the final sound-on-film, color correction, and overlapping of all the necessary graphics.


Recording process. Thanks to careful preparation and wide experience of our production unit, the recording is carried out quickly and with high level of professionalism.

Mutual approval

A detailed discussion of the future video so that the final product can fully meet the client’s expectations.

Our clients

We will develop the most effective concept of video recording for your case

Leave your contacts, and we will call you to discuss all questions
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We determine the target audience for the video
Each video clip is created with regards to the portrait of an ideal spectator. This can be both a potential client and a partner company or investor. For a guaranteed result, it is necessary to clearly define who exactly your product is intended for and, as a consequence, for what audience you are creating the selling video for your business. The approach of writing a script to fit all at once will not work.

We perform video processing as well as video clip assembling and editing

We can make a professional video clip from any of your videos. Video editing for YouTube and Instagram, trips, blogs, video from a family vacation, video editing of reporting clips from events, creation of video congratulations, interview, advertising video clips, corporate and image films.

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We are members of the ARDA Digital Market Professionals Association
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We will analyze your business and propose the best variant of realization on the Internet. Leave a request and we will offer you several stylistic solutions for your future website within the same day. You just need to choose a variant.

We create websites thought out to the last detail

We, at an advertising agency, love a comprehensive approach to attracting clients. We will attract applications to your site, at a pre-projected cost, due to:

- SEO promotion
- promotions in social networks
- contextual advertising
- content marketing

And we promote in every way

Let us make one of the best projects in your field
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